vtiedyev (vtiedyev) wrote in stinkigreen,


can anyone tell me what song this is?

"then sweet lighting struck
and the earth opened us
like spring buds"

and, do i have the lyrics right, and where can i find the rest of the lyrics? it's so beautiful.
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The name of the song is Spring Buds, originally by Michael Hedges. Not sure about the lyrics, but it's song #2 off Torched, one of Hedges' albums.
i thot maybe it was a cover. thanks :)
That is Spring Buds and it is BY FAR one of my FAVORITE Keller tunes. Eventho it isnt originally a Keller song. You can find that song on the album, Laugh. You do have the Chorus right and here are the rest of the lyrics as found on http://www.nomadland.com the official Michael Hedges site.

On the last naked day of winter
On the eve of a fateful thaw
I was imprisoned in frozen pieces
Of heart-broken laws

Then down fell an angel renegade
Her halo read "Morning Star"
Wounded by the doom of a comet tail
She was sealed with a scar

Then a sweet lightning struck
And the earth opened us
Like spring buds

Why she ever fled heaven
And why I would hibernate
Answers why we would meet here
To equal our altered states

(chorus and bridge)

With a sacred heart-shared rhythm
We blossom through the spring
Star of the Morning shines now
On her own two wings

thanks :)
once i knew who the original artist was, and the name, it wasn't hard to google for the lyrics. i had already found them.
a late reply, i know, but i came back to this post to make sure i was spelling "michael hedges" correctly.
i was searching kazaa to dl "spring buds" and i got keller's version, but not the original.
any suggestions?
honestly, i havent even heard the original. But it might be on Michael Hedges website? Maybe check there. I got rid of my Kazaa b/c it seriously sucks now. It can never find anything. I had problems looking for James Brown songs....>:O made me angry. LOL. Hope it works better for you.