vtiedyev (vtiedyev) wrote in stinkigreen,

keller mp3s?

does anyone have any keller williams songs (mp3s or whatever) on their computer? i want to compile a mixed cd for friends who've never heard keller before. so far this is what i have:
1. Dear Emily (2:39)
2. Running On Fumes (5:23)
3. Freakshow (3:06)
4. Freeker by the speaker (4:52)
5. Spring Buds (4:10)
6. Stinky Green (6:14) - this version is really crappy and i'd love a better one
(i'm willing to share these if you want any, just let me know)

i'm specifically looking for:
-Best Feeling
-One Hit Wonder
-Boob Job

but i really want as many songs as i can possibly get.

send them via yousendit.com to vtiedyev (at) livejournal (dot)com.
thanks to anyone who can help!
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